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The Common Reasons for and the Tools Used in a Residential HVAC Repair
These days, a home seems to be incomplete without an HVAC unit. This can either be a heater, an air conditioning unit, or both. HVAC units have become more or less a priority, and when it comes to purchasing household needs you can expect an HVAC unit to rank very high on that list. When the weather becomes too hot, the air conditioning unit is used, and if the weather becomes too cold, the heater is turned on. Unfortunately, HVAC units need to be repaired for various reasons. Listed below are the common reasons for, as well as the tools used in, a residential HVAC repair.
Common HVAC issues

A leaking refrigerant is one of the most common HVAC problems. The refrigerant is essentially a liquid agent that makes the cooling in the air conditioning possible. If your AC is suffering from a leaky refrigerant, then the unit will not be able to produce cold air.

Dirty or clogged filters are commonly experienced by HVAC units as well. The dirtier the filters are, the more energy is required to operate the unit, resulting in much higher electricity costs.

Tools used in HVAC repair

An individual who provides residential HVAC repair always has the right tools in his arsenal. The basic tools such as a hammer, screwdriver, pliers, and a metal/tubing cutter are always within an HVAC technician’s sights. Some repairs are not very technical, that is why basic tools are used to remove bolts and wires, attach screws, and cut wires.

An HVAC technician also uses specialized tools which are only used in HVAC repairs such as thermometers, multimeters, coil fin straighteners, and caulking guns. These tools do not only detect any electrical charges or changes in the unit’s temperature, but they also help fix dirty coils and seal together materials.

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