How Does One Prolong the Lifespan of an HVAC System

Maintenance Tips from an HVAC Repair Service

Many of USA-HVAC  clients ask our technicians how they can maintain and prolong their HVAC systems. So our HVAC repair service experts have put together this blog to help you on your way.

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    Replacing filters
    This is what protects your HVAC and makes sure it continues to operate at full capacity. Very much like a filter on a car, it captures debris and dust and keeps them out of the system. This will help to ensure your system works more efficiently.
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    Getting an annual tune-up
    This kind of maintenance must include a check on the likes of motors, pressure, filters, and condenser coils. It should include also a check to make sure your system is keeping the correct temperature. An oil and lube should also be part of this annual inspection, in addition to checking all safety switches are working correctly. For the heating, a check of the filter, pressure, motors, carbon monoxide levels, housing, and burners are necessary also.
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    Checking the ductwork
    These are the pathways which both heated or cooled air travel through. They must be cleaned and checked for any leaks.
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    Cleaning the exterior condenser
    This helps to move the air. A chemical cleaning of these will allow the system to run at a lower pressure level, thus reducing the chances of overheating and reducing the energy your system requires to work.
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    Measuring and checking the refrigerant
    This is a vital part of your system which circulates through your HVAC system. When the level is too low, this means a refrigerant leak is present, this will need a professional HVAC repair service.
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    Determining if you need an upgrade
    We recommend an upgrade when a system no longer proves to be efficient. Many of the systems that run old R-22 refrigerant must be updated.

We hope that our tips proved useful. However, if you reside in the Houston, TX area and need help with your HVAC system, do not hesitate to call us today at (281) 855-4939.

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